A relaxing day - some more beers...

Last Sunday, Dom & I went to visit the Provincial Recreation Park of Kessel-Lo.

We were supposed to go there with Tara, a friend of hers and his parents. However, Tara wanted to stay over at another friends place and her friend's (who was to accompany us) parents did not want to go because the weather forecast predicted storms . Has a few drops of rain ever stopped us from doing anything? After all we live in Belgium. There goes! We've started talking about the weather like the Belgians ;-D

So Dom & I decided to go by ourselves. This place is not too far from our place (about 30 kms) and a nice place to picnic. Judge for yourselves - don't you think that Mr Goat is quite comfortable (though I did not like his "I'm-ready-to-charge-at-you" expression)...

The park is huge and has two ponds one for fishing and another for boating, tennis courts, football and even rugby grounds and a few outdoor play pens for kids.

A caféteria, a taverne and a snack bar provide all food and drink required - if you have forgotten to pack a picnic.

We stopped for a beer before lunch. Dom had the Saison Dupont - an unfiltered beer with a nice lightly bitter taste and I had the Vicaris - another unfiltered beer with slightly sour taste that I really enjoyed.

We then had lunch at the Taverne De Groene Lotus (the green lotus). Dom had meatballs in a mushroom sauce. I wanted to be adventurous and try the 'Al Capone', which turned out to be a hamburger :-( - but it was not too bad - the bread was excellent and the patty was very tasty.

We drank Boerinneke (literally a farmer's wife) for Dom and a Kasteel Red (cherry beer) for me.

That was a wonderful day and we got back home just before the rain showered.


  1. Belgium has many fine beers!



  2. True! But Switzeland's had some good ones too!

  3. Mais ma parole Apolina, tu es une buveuse de bière ! hic !!!


  4. Je suis juste respectuese des traditions de mon pays d'adoption ;-D


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