Belgian Beers - Rodenbach


Here's a post in English, which means we'te talking about European Food & Drink.

One of the good things about living in Belgium, is the extraordinary quality and variety of beers available here. Beer Brewing in Belgium is much more than hops and yeast - it is really a fine art. We are not heavy beer drinkers but in a café, we perfer beer over any other drink.

Rodenbach is a Flemish beer. It is an amber-coloured beer with a distinctive sour taste. Often, a splash of grenadine is added to the glass to balance out this sour taste. I like to have my Rodenbach plain because I like its sour tang.

This beer is brewed in special oak vats. The ordinary Rodenbach (as pitured above) is an assembly of 3/4th of young beer and 1/4th of aged beer.

Another variety the Rodenbach Grand Cru contains 1/3rd young beer and 2/3rd oak vat aged beer.

Here's to my first post on Belgian beers



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